Meeting Nature Halfway on a Floodway

December 9th, 2014

Current Understanding and Future Interactions with a Changing Landscape

A grand experiment in species conservation is underway on the Yolo Bypass, a farmed floodway of the Sacramento River. Rather than restore the engineered floodplain to some natural state, researchers are exploring possibilities of a re-­‐engineered human-­‐dominated landscape that allows native species to coexist. Engineers, ecologists and economists discuss how habitat for fish and fowl might be reconciled with floods and farming.

Video of this seminar is now available online at...

9 -­‐ 9:10 Opening Remarks. Peter Goodwin, Delta Science Program

9:10 -­‐ 9:20 Overview of Management and Habitat on the Yolo Bypass
Jay Lund, UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

9:20 -­‐ 10 The Accidental Model: the Yolo Bypass and the Multiple Benefits of Floodplain Reconnection.

Jeff Opperman, Great Rivers Partnership, The Nature Conservancy

10 -­‐ 10:25 Yolo Bypass Issues and Hopes. Petrea Marchand, Consero Solutions

10:25 -­‐10:45 BREAK

10:45 -­‐ 11:10 Past, Present and Future Roles of the Yolo Bypass in Flood Management
Michael Mierzwa, California Department of Water Resources

11:10 -­‐ 11:35 Balancing Competing Interests: Insights From Hydraulic Modeling
William A. Fleenor, UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

11:35 -­‐ 12 Integrated Management. Robyn Suddeth, CH2MHILL

12 -­‐ 1:15 LUNCH

1:15 -­‐ 1:40 Native Fishes and Managed Floodplains: Mimicking Natural Processes
Ted Sommer, California Department of Water Resources

1:40 -­‐ 2:05 Yolo Bypass, Waterfowl and the Pacific Flyway.

Greg Yarris, Central Valley Joint Venture, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

2:05 -­‐ 2:30 The Mercury Mêlée: Costs vs. Benefits of Methylmercury Controls in Delta Floodplains.
Stephen McCord, McCord Environmental

2:30 -­‐ 2:45 BREAK

2:45 -­‐ 3:30 Panel Discussion: How Do We Reconcile Competing Interests on the Yolo Bypass?
John Brennan, Cal Marsh & Farm Ventures; Cindy Tuttle, Yolo County;
Robin Kulakow, Yolo Basin Foundation; Jeremy Arrich, California Dept. of Water Resources Kris Tjernell, California Natural Resources

3:30 Closing Remarks. Jay Lund, UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences