The Center for Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture (CABA) was established to provide leadership, focus, and support to University of California Davis researchers in addressing problems associated with California’s cultured and wild aquatic biological resources.


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Our directory is organized alphabetically by UC Davis academic departments; within each departmental section the researchers are listed alphabetically. Researchers included here work in subject matter areas relevant to aquatic biology and aquaculture, although they may work in other areas as well, and may be listed in the UC Davis directory under multiple departments. In such cases, researchers are listed by the department most relevant to their work in aquatic biology and aquaculture.

At the end of the directory researchers are listed alphabetically by last name. If you are looking for specific researchers simply click on a name to be taken to that researcher's directory entry.

Each listing features the researcher’s department, name, title, and email address, followed by a summary of current research interests. If the researcher has a separate publications web page, the link to that page is given right after the research summary under the rubric “Publications.” This may be followed by links to other relevant sites such as departmental sites or a researcher’s own academic or lab site. If a researcher’s publications are embedded within a more general website, the link for that site is given under the rubric “Website and publications.”