UC Davis Campus Animal Research Requirements

All UC Davis faculty, visiting academics, students and staff who are involved in vertebrate research in the field or at campus facilities must be listed on an Animal Care Protocol.  Protocols are obtained through the UC Davis Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).  Please see the CABA facility manager prior to protocol submission to discuss the needs of your research, i.e., number of tanks and availability of water (warm, cold, surface, well).  You must possess a UC Davis Login ID and Kerberos pass phrase to access the IACUC system.  Once submitted, protocols and amendments take 4-6 weeks for approval.  Go to the following link to create and amend protocols: http://safetyservices.ucdavis.edu/ps/a/IACUC

In order to provide information to the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), UC Davis has implemented the Animal Tracking System.  This system is used to record animal purchases, transfers, acquisitions, imports and exports.  If you are doing research at CABA facilities our staff will input this information into the number tracking system.  Please contact CABA facilities staff for assistance. If you have animals outside CABA facilities CABA will not monitor or report animal numbers; this is the responsibility of the principle investigator. To access the Animal Tracking System click on the following link: https://iacuc.ucdavis.edu/protocol/

All people on the protocol roster must take the online Animal Care and Use 101 seminar. To sign up for this online seminar follow this link: http://safetyservices.ucdavis.edu/training/animal-care-and-use-101-acu101-course

Once your protocol is approved you will be allowed to bring animals to the CABA facilities. Any animal arriving or departing CABA facilities must be reported on the CABA Animal Tracking form available at the CABA facility main office at the ABES building.  All animals arriving or departing CABA facilities must be accompanied by a signed receipt that makes note of the number of animals, species, and contractual arrangement (donation, purchase, exchange).

All research animals at CABA facilities are inventoried each week as required by the Campus Veterinarian office. Please see CABA facilities staff for inventory forms if you plan on maintaining your own animals.

CABA forms you will need:

  • Animal Arrivals, Transfers, and CABA Care:   To be used to report animal movement into, within and away from CABA facilities.
  • CABA Care Feed Requests:  To be used to initiate, change in diet (type, amount, or size), and to stop feeding fish.
  • Blank Inventory form (xls): To be used if you are maintaining a colony of animals within CABA facilities. This form may also be used within your lab for recording animal inventories for the Campus Veterinarian.

These forms are also available outside of the facility manager’s office, Rm. 105 ABES building.