International Scholars and Alumni

The Center for Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture (CABA) was established to provide leadership, focus, and support to University of California Davis researchers in addressing problems associated with California’s cultured and wild aquatic biological resources.

Scientists in many disciplines from all over the world are attracted to UC Davis. Faculty in the aquatic sciences and aquaculture, have hosted many visiting scientists, post docs, and graduate students over the years. One of the reasons they come to UC Davis is for the CABA facilities. Here is a partial list of scholars and graduate students from around the world that have used the CABA facilities at UC Davis.

Country Name Institution Sponsor Publications
Dr. Dave Lane Malaspina College Sturgeon Nutrition (x, y, z)
Dr. Anna Gawliska Malaspina College
Dr. Maud Ferrari University of Saskatchewan
Paulina Lawner University of Mayor
Frank Chapman Sturgeon reproduction
Camilo Restrepo
Samah Abdelrazek Minoufiya University Shibin El Kom Fish Diseases
Dr. Julien Cote University Pierre et Marie Curie Fish behavior
Eric Durieux Striped bass toxicology
Dr. Juregen Geist Technical University
Kai Eder University of Tuebingen
Philip Rosenkranz University of Munich
Joern Gessner Leibnix Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fishery
Sebastian Beggel Technical University
Kofi Fynn-Aikins Sturgeon nutrition
Dr. Bagher Amiri University of Tehran
Dr. Franco Dapra University of Torino
Dr. Nicola De Riu University of Sassari
Liran Haller Marine Science College, Michmoret Fish Nutrition and Stress Physiology
Dr. Shunsuke Koshio Kagoshima University
Saichiro Yokoyama Kagoshima University
Minako Obema Kagoshima University
Roberto Eherns
Alejandro Ruiz Fish nutrition
Dr. Trond Storebakken Institute of Aquaculture Research Fish nutrition
Dr. Gro-Ingunn Hemre Institute of Nutrition Directorate of Fisheries
Dr. Ann Marie McKellep Norwegian School of Vet Medicine
Marie Hillestad Institute of Aquaculture Research, AKVAFORSK
Stale Refstie Institute of Aquaculture Research, AKVAFORSK
Anita Sagstad Bergen University
Dr. Gouhua Zhang Institute of Hydrobiology Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dr. Yibo Cui Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dr. Yan Wang Shanghai Fisheries University
Prof. Qingjun Shao Zhejiang Agricultural University
Hongbin Li Tianjin Agricultural College
Wei Liu Biological Resources Institute
Li-Xie Tain Zhongshan University
Xin Deng Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chun-fang Wang Chinese Academy of Sciences
Keke Zheng Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xiaotao Shi East China Normal University
Wei Fang Wang Ocean University of China
Dong Han Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dr. Jae Won Kim Gang Won Provincial College
Dr. Sungchul Charles Bai Pukyong National University
Dr. Tae-Sun Min CKorea Science and Engineering Foundation
Dr. Sang-Min Lee Kangnung National University
Jang-Won Lee Sturgeon nutrition
Monica Choi Hg toxicology in blackfish
Sang-Hee Park Pukyong National University
Seung Hyung Lee Pukyong National University
Dr. Enric Gisbert Universitat de Barcelona
Javier Lineares Sturgeon reproduction
Pilar Todo University of Palma de Mallorca
Luis Perez
Dr. Tomas Brodin Umeå Universitet Fish behavior
Dr. Michael Axelsson Göteborgs Universitet Sturgeon physiology
Albin Gräns Göteborgs Universitet Sturgeon physiology
Anders Kiessling Swedish University of Agricultural Science
Lynn Ranåker Lunds Universitet Fish behavior
Dr. Houng-Yung Chen National Sun Yat-Sen University
Hsien-Chuan Lin National Taiwan Ocean University
José Núñez University Central de Venezuela